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Top 10 Forklift Manufacturers

types of forkliftsLooking for a forklift to purchase, rent, or lease? There are scores of manufacturers to choose from and the task of choosing a forklift that is right for you is daunting. recommends that you review the top forklift manufacturers to understand the pros and cons each manufacturer brings to the table.

Our list below of the top ten forklift manufacturers is a good place to begin your forklift search. Understanding the history of the forklift manufacturer may help you to choose which forklift is right for you. So whether you are searching craigslist for used forklifts for sale, or you want to get quotes for new forklifts from a forklift dealer in your area, become an educated consumer. Learn about the industry and forklift manufacturers before you buy.

1. Clark Forklifts – Clark is credited by many to be the inventor of the forklift. It first manufactured is “truck tractor” in 1919. Being first has given Clark a competitive advantage which still remains today.

2. CAT Forklifts – Associated with a reputable and widely accepted name brand Caterpillar gives Cat Forklifts a head start in the highly competitive Materials Handling equipment marketplace. Rugged, durable, and reliable immediately come to mind when considering Caterpillar-related equipment

3. Toyota Forklifts – People new to Materials Management products at first might be surprised to find Toyota among the top equipment providers. The company claims that customer satisfaction drives everything it does ñ especially its engineering and manufacturing teams to constantly improve their lift trucks which they began manufacturing in 1956.

4. Nissan Forklift ñ Nissan Forklift started producing forklifts in 1957 as a business unit of Nissan Motor. Since then, utilizing Nissan Motor’s automobile technologies and networks, Nissan Forklift has supported the operation of various industries by providing forklifts and other material handling equipment in the global market.

5. Yale Forklifts – Yale Forklifts have become synonymous with strength, dependability and reliability in the materials handling industry is a leading provider of a full line of high-quality, high-performance forklift trucks which it began manufacturing in 1919.

6. Hyster Forklifts – Hyster is one of only four American companies among the top twenty international Forklift manufacturers. As a brand name marketed by NACCO Industries of Cleveland, Ohio, Hyster emerged from the logging industry of the Pacific Northwest dating back to 1929. It is arguably the largest forklift manufacturing company in the world.

7. Linde Forklifts – Linde Material Handling is headquartered in Aschaffenburg, Germany, and ranks among the world’s foremost makers of lift trucks and warehouse trucks and is also positioned as a major manufacturer of hydrostatic drives produced mainly for use in construction, farming and forest machinery.

8. Crown Forklifts – The Crown Forklift Company has a reputation within the material-handling industry as one of the younger and more innovative companies. Crown provides safe, efficient, ergonomic award-winning forklifts.

9. Raymond Forklifts – Since 1922, Raymond has been the North American leader in electric lift trucks. Raymond is widely recognized for its innovation and its consistent ability to improve warehouse operations. The Raymond Company introduced the narrow aisle concept in the 1950s, with the first Reach-Forklift truck.

10. Jungheinrich Forklifts – Jungheinrich is one of the world’s three leading companies in the material handling equipment, warehousing and material flow engineering sectors, as well as the European leader in warehousing technology. It was founded in 1956.

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