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used forkliftDoes your business operate forklifts? Here is some advice for your company financial management teams to save money: think used forklifts! According to a recent article on our partner site, they are advocating the economic principle that ‘used’ isn’t necessarily ‘counterproductive.’

In the process of production planning and financial projections, the questions management should be asking about potential forklift acquisitions are: what kind, how many, life span, rotation, new, used, etc? The right decision up front can save a company a great deal of money, efficiency and productivity. In many cases, good arguments can be made for having a combination of both new and used forklifts. Good management will include decisions about short-term and long-range equipment rotation that involves both new and used forklifts.

The article doesn’t advocate ‘used equipment’ without providing certain caveats. ‘Age is certainly an important factor, but the amount of usage on the used forklift is more important because use equates with wear and tear. Ascertaining how much work – and what type of work – the forklift has performed in the past plays an important part in its overall operational capabilities and life expectancy. This means that it is important to purchase your used forklift from a company that has maintained some kind of use and maintenance log of its operational life.’

Because of the ups and downs in the current economy, the number of forklifts a company needs is often dictated by its product output. Thus, in a slow economy, there tends to be a slowdown in sales of new forklifts, with an upswing in the availability of used equipment. Some of the used forklifts for sale are as good as new. There are numerous companies marketing used forklifts, many of them easily identifiable through an internet search of locally accessible outlets.

The main advice provided is that the buyer beware: make sure the company is able to document the track and maintenance record of the used forklift and stands behind the sale with maintenance and service help. Buying used forklifts means that you can get more for your money in terms of features than you would if you spent the same amount buying a new forklift.

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