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Forklift Rental Considerations

forklift rentalsAre you thinking about renting a forklift? There are many things to consider before you rent a forklift, and we’ve highlighted 5 forklift rental considerations to think about before you rent your next forklift.

Forklift Lifting Capabilities – An important consideration when choosing the type of forklift to rent is the lifting capability of the forklift. How much weight can it pick up? How much weigh can it lift at max reach? Many forklift rentals make the mistake of renting a forklift that is rated at 5000 pounds only to realize that the lifting capability reduces at certain reach levels. Make sure you have specific and detailed weight requirements before you rent your forklift. The dealer or rental company can then review the manufacturer’s manual to make sure their forklifts can handle your specifications.

Forklift Reach Capabilities – Another important consideration when renting a forklift is the reach capability. What lifting height do you require? Taking simple measurements and developing a spec sheet or job requirement sheet is essential when renting a forklift. You local forklift rental company or forklift dealer can review your job specs and will recommend the forklift rental options that can do you job. If you don’t have detailed information, you are risking the chance that your forklift rental will be unable to complete the job you need it for. Take detailed measurements, and develop a spec sheet.

Type of Forklift – There are many different types of forklifts. When you rent a forklift, you’ll want to make sure you rent the correct type of forklift appropriate for the type of environment you will operate in. Indoors, outdoors, various ground service types and grades could play a role in the type of tires or powered forklift you’ll need to rent. For example, you probably would not want to rent a diesel forklift for an small indoor location because of the exhaust. Simply mentioning this on your spec sheet can help the forklift dealer determine which type of forklift you’ll need to rent.

Transporting the Forklift – Does the rental company deliver? Make sure you consider the delivery or transportation of the forklift you rent, and the transportation costs and rates associated with the rental. Are there costs associated with the delivery? Forklifts are large and heavy, and professionals may be required when delivering your forklift rental. Be sure to consider how the forklift will be transported to a job site and the fees involved with the delivery.

Forklift Rental Costs – The best way to save money on a forklift rental is to receive multiple quotes. offers a free service where you can quickly enter your specs and receive multiple forklift rental quotes. Because cost is of a primary concern when renting a forklift, you’ll want to examine the quotes to compare hourly or daily costs, as well as surcharges, late fees, damage fees, and any other fees a forklift rental company may charge.

As you can see, there are many important variables that must be considered prior to renting a forklift. If you have additional forklift rental questions or truly wish to save time and money on your next forklift rental, submit your request below for competitive forklift rentals from dealers near you.

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