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Forklift Purchasing Tips

purchase a forkliftChoosing a forklift can be a daunting task if you have never done it before. Which forklift is right for you? Should you rent a forklift or buy one? Should you consider a used forklift for sale, or buy a new one? There are literally hundreds of questions you can ask before the transaction is complete. To help, we have put together some forklift purchasing tips to consider before you buy that forklift!

Forklift Purchasing Tips:

– Make sure you have the correct floor plan measurements and specifications before you buy that forklift. We subscribe to the measure twice, cut once theory for this one. Make sure your new forklift has the turning radius and reach capacity for your mission.

– Evaluate and conduct a detailed cost analysis for Renting vs. Leasing vs. Buying New vs. Buying Used. Forklift dealers will be able to provide you with all the data. Make sure you put this data into a spreadsheet and compare the numbers with your business sales forecast, accounting, and operational requirements.

– Make sure you evaluate the mission of the forklift for every scenario. There is nothing more unsettling when you get a 5,000 pound forklift and need a 5,000 pound lifting capacity only to realize that the lift capacity lessens at full height.

– Get multiple forklift quotes. Answer a few questions about your requirements on the form below to get started. You will be surprised how competitive the pricing becomes when dealers find out that you are soliciting other bids.

– Compare the operational costs for different types of forklifts. Propane vs. Electric vs. Diesel

– Develop a detailed after-sale maintenance budget and schedule so that you can appropriately forecast the long term forklift cost analysis

– Consider parts availability and costs before choosing a forklift. Forklift support services vary greatly. You may think you are saving a few percentage points on the sale only to realize later that you are paying triple for parts.

– Compare technical service availability. If your forklift breaks down, how quickly can service get it back up? Is the down time critical to your business?

– Have the dealer come to your facility, assess, the mission, and offer a recommendation. See if their recommendation is in line with what your requirements were. They may see potential issues that you never considered.

Purchasing a forklift can go much smoother if you educate yourself and if you do your research. Compare several quotes from local forklift dealers and meet with each one. Think about these issues before you buy, rent, or lease a forklift. We hope you found it helpful. For more information, you can research forklift manufacturers and get multiple quotes from local forklift dealers by submitting the form below.

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