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warehouse works (forklift and workers)Are you looking for career opportunities as a forklift operator? The Material Handling Industry has been growing steadily and can lead to a great career for an individual with basic mechanical skills and who is not interested in any complex or extensive training. It is not a simple one dimensional career, but offers a great deal of opportunities for the individual who puts effort into his or her advancement potential. The basic starting annual salary is in the range of $21,000 to $25,000 a year, but with seniority and experience, could go as high as $41,000 to $45,000 annually.

Don’t let the words “trained” or “certified” scare you. Training and Certification are relatively easy to come by, and are often obtained on the job, or in courses available on the Internet and offered at a reasonable cost. Obviously, if you are serious about a Forklift career, it might be well to go to a job interview with some minimal Certified OSHA training on your resume.

A typical forklift job description indicates that the Forklift Operator is responsible for operating a forklift to move, locate, relocate, stack, and count merchandise. The Operator is accountable for the safe and efficient operation of the vehicle and may also be required to perform Order Filler and Checker duties. Attention to detail is one of the qualities a good Forklift Operator should possess, as they are often required to ensure that inbound and outbound shipments are accurate and free of damage, and as they pull and prepare a product for shipment, ensure that the exact number and type of product is loaded and shipped. Because a Forklift Operator may be required to perform some basic maintenance on his vehicle, skills in that area are a plus. One of the Operator’s responsibilities is also to perform a safety inspection of his vehicle daily before use.

Forklift Operator positions are in plentiful supply, based on a cursory review of the Classifieds. A safety-conscious person with basic mechanical skills, good organizational ability, a sense of responsibility and urgency, and a penchant for inventory management would be an ideal candidate for the position of Forklift Operator. The extensive information available at the several specialized web sites of the US Forklift Network can be a valuable aid to Forklift Job seekers by enhancing their knowledge of the industry.


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