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Finding a Good Forklift Dealer

forklift dealersIf you are searching for a local forklift dealer, you have probably noticed that there are many options. It is important for you to conduct your due diligence before you buy, lease or rent a forklift so that you find the best option for your specific needs and budget.

There are several things that you will want to consider before doing business with a local forklift dealer. Make sure you do your homework and discuss the following services during the negotiation process:

– Types of forklifts available for your mission
– Forklift parts and service availability and pricing
– Forklift service technician availability, response time, and terms
– Forklift maintenance management options
– Forklift warranty time and renewal options
– Years in business & references for the forklift provider

If you currently operate forklifts, you already have a huge advantage over a business that is new, and has first time forklift requirements. You already know the costs, training, mission requirements, and various other incremental costs that go along with operating and maintaining a forklift. New forklift operators should consider a service where multiple forklift dealers will send you forklift quotes based on your requirements.

Our partner site,, has highlighted the top 20 forklift manufacturers so that you can review each manufacturer before you talk to a dealer. Do your homework. Educate yourself about the various forklift and material handling manufacturers. Learn about their history, support structure, and reputation. You can then submit a free quote below and local forklift dealers in your location will send you multiple quotes to compare.

If you are still not sure about your forklift requirements, you can reach out to other businesses or forklift procurement services. Are you a member of a business association? Would you consider discussing your needs with a consultant? There are forklift procurement services available if you are truly hesitant and need assistance. These are all serious considerations when you factor in the potential costs involved in purchasing, leasing, or renting a forklift. Spending a little money before the purchase could save you a lot during the lifetime of the forklift deal.

The purpose of this article to highlight the importance of doing some research before you discuss your needs with the local forklift salesperson. You will save yourself a lot of money and heartache if you enter the forklift sales negotiation process informed. Obviously, the forklift sales person will want to sell you their products and services. When you get multiple quotes from dealers, you can ask the salesman why you should choose their products rather than the competitor. You will be surprised how fast the prices fall and the terms get better when there is competition for your business.

The keys to a successful forklift transaction are Research, Education, and Competition. Best of luck on your next Forklift purchase, lease, or rental! Use the form below to get started!

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